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A student’s guide to exploring Dublin

The capital of Ireland, Dublin is a hidden gem with a rich history amidst a bustling metropolitan setting. With museums, live performances, bars, and pubs and so much more on offer, there is plenty for an international student to explore around the city.

Dublin is home to some of Europe’s best universities like Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Dublin City University, making it quite popular amongst international students. Exploring the city you are about to call home for the next few years is an important and essential aspect of studying abroad. And with such an excellent transport network such as trams and trains that will take you around, you don’t have to worry about exploring the city. As a student you can even ride your cycle around the city.

Here is a list of places you can explore in Dublin when you have time to spare:

  1. The Little Museum of Dublin

Located in the heart of the city with a unique collection of over 5000 artefacts, the Little Museum of Dublin encapsulates the history of Dublin. It was launched in the year 2011 with a public appeal for historic objects. It has three floors of exhibition space which tells the fascinating story about the city and a renowned café, Hatch and Sons Irish Kitchen to grab some quick munchies while on the tour.

  1. Grafton Street

A short stroll from the Little Dublin Museum takes you to one of Dublin’s most lively streets, Grafton Street. It boasts broad range of boutiques, jewellers, and departmental stores with a statue of Molly Malone sitting at the end of the street. It is a magnet for buskers and has seen some famous bands and musicians giving impromptu performances.

  1. St. Stephen’s Greens

With four centuries of history surrounding the park, St. Stephen’s Green is a haven for those who love immersing themselves in a little bit of greenery. After the hustle and bustle of downtown city life, an easy walk to the end of Grafton Street brings you to St. Stephen’s Greens. You can grab a slice of pizza and relax here enjoying the beauty of this 22-acre park.

  1. Marsh’s Library

For those of you who are nerdy about history and old books, Marsh’s Library is a paradise with more than 25,000 rare books. Built in 1707, it is Ireland’s oldest public library having seen legends like Bram Stoker work on his very first draft of Dracula. Potterheads must visit the library to get a feel of Hogwarts since there are rolling ladders along the book shelves and walking through will give you just that. 

  1. Jameson Distillery

Located just off Smithfield Square in Dublin, Jameson Distillery is a great place to spend time with your friends and let your hair down every once in a while. Enjoy a tour of the distillery and learn how the famous Irish whiskey Jameson was made. You can also make some Jameson-based cocktails and taste your creations. This is a highly recommended place, whether you’re a whiskey fan or not.

And last but not the least, for when you want to paint the town red, there’s always the bars and clubs that you can check out. Dublin is famous for its pubs, nightlife and social scenes, with Copper Face Jacks, The Cobblestones, Dicey’s, Whelan’s being some of the best-known places among the students. Some days of the week, if you’re lucky enough, you can even catch a live performance, a stand-up gig, up-and-coming bands and so on which are perfect to cater to all manners of tastes.

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