3 Tips on how to make friends in London!


Without a doubt, London is one of the best places to spend time as a student and a dream for many! While this magical city is for many an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience, for others on the other hand the big dream can turn quickly into disappointment when you find yourself alone and away from home and friends for the first time. While everyone is unique in their way of doing things and finding solutions, here some tips I personally always found useful to make new friends.




The first place you will encounter after your arrival, and you will spend much of your time, is your new home! There are endless accommodation alternatives in London but some I find more useful when it comes to socialising, Student Residences & Flat shares:


When you live in a purpose-built student residence, your neighbours will be students just like you, who are most likely new to London, and just as keen to make new friends just like you! As dauting as it may be, reaching out to your fellow residents can be a great way to meet new people. Small talk can lead to the greatest friendships. Be bold, brave and make the first move. Hang around in the common room, gym and other facilities and join the group chats and you will be surprised how quickly your friendship blossoms.


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While Flat shares come with many challenges, it can also be a great way to meet new people and sometimes make friends for a lifetime. But don’t forget flats are more personal, so the right mind-set is needed to turn this into a positive experience. Be open-minded, accept that people encounter the world through their own lens and appreciate diversity. At the end that’s what my favourite city is all about – to unlearn and leave your comfort zone!


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Student Union & Societies


Your university have hundreds of clubs and societies which tailors your own needs and interests. These are great places to meet people who has the same interests as you. Don’t forget freshers week where societies and clubs have taster sessions, try before you join!


Meeting Apps


There are plenty of apps and groups available which are primarily for students in London. One popular student app is Meetup where you can search your interests and join groups or even create your own one. You may also want to join Facebook or other social media groups to keep updated on what is going on in the city.


Remember you are not alone, don’t panic making friendship takes time. Its normal to feel lonely and overwhelmed. Be confident, stay open-minded and be better friends with yourself at the same time.

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