During your stay at your residence


During your stay at your residence

To Do List With GoBritanya:

  • Make sure you hand in your bank details to us for your refundable deposit.
  • Your check in should be after 15:00 and before 18:00. Check out is before 10:00 in the morning.
  • If you decide to extend your stay in your residence, contact us immediately from
  • If you want to book an airport transfer please send an e-mail or call us from +44 (0) 2036 374 141.
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All residents, employees and visitors have a right to be treated, and must treat others, with respect. We strive to treat each resident with dignity, integrity and without judgment. We are committed to ensuring compliance with local equality laws. We subscribe to a universal policy for the achievement of equal opportunities and no person will be discriminated against because of race, colour, age, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. We will always speak to our residents and each other in a respectful way and you and your guests must do the same.


Residents and their guests are obliged to observe the smoking policy. In accordance with UK regulations, smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas only and never in your room, flat or within the building. Please be aware that smoking inside your room, flat or building represents a breach of UK legislation and the terms of your Tenancy Agreement and may lead to its termination.


No weapons of any description may be brought into any Chapter property, including (but not limited to) pellet (BB) guns and air activated weapons, crossbows/longbows, catapults or nondomestic knives.


Illegal substances are not permitted within any of the student property. Any evidence of the use, distribution or possession of illegal substances will be reported to the police and may result in the termination of your Tenancy Agreement.


Pets are not allowed in any of the student property.


All residents and guests must respect your fellow residents and neighbours and refrain from creating undue noise or disturbance when entering and leaving the  property and surrounding area, particularly in the evening. Guests will be required to show a valid form of personal identification on arrival. Your guests will also need to register on entering and leaving the property at the reception. Guests are allow to stay 8 night maximum more likely on Fridays and Saturdays.


Excessive noise, damage to property, aggression, and physical or verbal violence against fellow residents, guests or any of the team members will not be tolerated. Anti-social behaviour will be documented, with reimbursement sought for any damage caused and may result in the termination of your Tenancy Agreement.

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