Star Award 2019


Star Award 2019

We are delighted to have been nominated for the Star Award 2019. It was an existing night for us and we hope to be also nominated 2020 again through the support of our partners worldwide.

Alphe Uk was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with our existing partners, meet friends from the industry and network with new agents interested in our students residence accommodation options in London. We are pleased to have received very positive feedback from some of the partners we have been working with over the last years, their students are happy and they feel safe in our residences. This is great news for us and confirms the hard work we have been putting in as a team to guarantee maximum student satisfaction which lies at the heart of the company.

We are looking forward to meet here at Alphe UK in 2020 again. Hopefully, with some new exiting projects we hope you can become part of. Please contact our team any time for info on our service offered.

GoBritanya Team

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