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The Way to Overcome Cultural Shock


The Way to Overcome Cultural Shock

It should be tough for everyone that moves to new country, from foods to roads, everything would be different to your home country. But you don’t need to worry, this isn’t just happened to you.

First, you should accept the chance that you have experiencing different culture, language as well as the environment. London is a massive city as you can explore. Also, you should be comfortable with GoBritanya excellent accommodation service that has been provided specially for you.

Anyway, you have long journey, now it is time to relax and try to get it used to. After first day, you will start observing differences. The most noticeable difference is traffic. UK has left-hand side traffic rules, if you are coming from Europe or other countries you can be surprised, but you will be fine with slightly extra care.

If you arrive in London in summer, you probably notice the length of the day, the sun literally never goes down. The weather is quite nice compare to long winter nights, so you can enjoy the day with the sunlight, if you are lucky.

When it comes to food, there is huge amount of variety that you may choose from. Because of the rich existence of the world cuisine in London, you may get whatever you like, and you should be open for different tastes.

After, the first day of the school you can find yourself as being Londoner, this city welcomes everyone. Do not worry about the language, after short time you will start understanding the British accent. All the struggle is worth the result.

We hope you enjoy every single day in London and would like to remind that you are not alone, just pop in to our head office in Holborn and enjoy a cup of coffee with us.

Team GoBritanya