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Hang out at some of the best student bars in London

As a student who’s been busy spending time at university the entire week, there’s no need to fret when the weekend is fast approaching. There is no place quite like London – whether you want to dance the night away until dawn or spend time with your friends sipping a glass of wine (or a can of beer), the fabulous capital will cater to your every party need. So, in no particular order, we would like to list down some of our favorite haunts across the city.

  1. Little Nan’s Bar, Deptford

Established in 2013, with antique furniture, ornaments and treasured heirlooms, Little Nan’s Bar is a must-do for anyone who appreciates a little bit of history and wants to let lose at the same time. What’s more, their amazing drinks menu and scrumptious food go perfectly well with it. We would suggest ordering a cocktail which they serve in a teapot and heading up to the stage for karaoke night with your friends. Watch this space because they’re opening up new venues across South London.

  1. Piccadilly Institute

With not one, not two, but seven themed rooms, Piccadilly Institute in central London is a must-do for any party animal. From the labyrinth of rooms with mind-bending décor to their playlist of every genre blasting through, it’s pretty hard to miss it. Their neon-drenched Decadia and tranquil indoor garden which they call Fruitbox add to the delightful ambience. And getting there is pretty easy, Piccadilly Circus tube station is just round the corner. Well, the location couldn’t be any better!

  1. The Roxy

Famous for their speakeasies and cellar discotheques, The Roxy is a cozy night club offering both laid-back as well as lively experiences in an urban setting. During the week, stop by for a relaxing evening drink and grab a bite to eat against a simple backdrop of exposed brickwork, then put on your dancing shoes as the place transforms into a late-night club. Oh, and as a student in London (you’ll need to show some ID), be sure to flock there for the cheap entry prices and equally amazing drink offers.

  1. Bar Rumba

Located in the West End, Bar Rumba is a popular choice after a chaotic week at the university, especially for its unforgettable student nights – you can grab a drink and dance the night away for just a few pounds! When you’re feeling low, head on to the comedy club upstairs where they host open mic nights on Tuesdays (you’ll even get free drinks if you’re the one on stage). They even host themed music nights every week to reel the crowds in.

  1. Ballie Ballerson

With a million balls covering two giant ball pits, this cocktail bar will take you straight back to your childhood days. Trust us, this is the place to be if you’ve been holed up in your room for too long and are looking to escape just this once. Delicious pizza, wonderful beverages, and great music combine to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

With so many fantastic venues and more at your disposal, London is sure to fulfill all of its promises of unforgettable experiences through your university years. A word of advice from us, just make sure you have those hangover cures at the ready!

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