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Hidden gems to explore in London!

London is the most visited metropolis on Earth! And it is so much more than the touristic areas, which, while they are nice to see (if you don’t mind waiting in line for a really long time and not being able to have a good view of what you’re looking at because there are too many people in front of you) you could totally skip and still not miss anything London has to offer. The city has such a wide range of fun and different experiences, and this is what makes it the place that Londoners fall in love with once again every year! The city reinvents itself every spring. Below I am going to list and describe some of my personal favourites, which, in my opinion, are not to be missed. All our student accommodation options in London are within either walking distance or easy commute of all the places below:

1. Street food market in Camden town

Hands down the most varied street food market ever. From Lebanese, to Argentinian to Taiwanese, South African, Peruvian and I could just go on and on. Get ready to NOT know what to start with. Right next to it you’ll find the leather and other artisan shops if you want a souvenir from London that is much better than the classic magnet and truly unique. On top of this, Camden is a great location for student accommodation, conveniently located for any University.

2. Backyard Cinema

Watch a classic film with a twist. With different themes that change every season, you’ll be immersed into a different world before you arrive in the actual cinema room which is also unique. The upcoming themes are L.A. nights and Miami Beach, and get ready to be surprised in the best possible way. And also have your phone handy, you’ll want to post this on Instagram!

3. Mercato Metropolitano

Another street food market that you can find in Elephant and Castle in a former paper factory, where there is a huge variety of yummy food and drinks, as well as one of the biggest outside seating (and standing) area in the whole of London. Their second location, in Mayfair, is in a former church and it has a wonderful rooftop, as well as a great wine cellar in the basement. The whole idea of Mercato Metropolitano is to support businesses that operate using fresh and sustainable ingredients from as far as possible. It’s definitely not to miss.

4. Museum lates

Every once in a while, museums open till late and you get the chance to walk around sipping on a nice drink, while listening to great music (they sometimes bring their own DJ). It’s a great way to discover London’s museums and explore them in peace, with less people around, in a much more relaxed atmosphere. Check out this website for updates on Museum Lates events 2021.

5. Brixton Village & Market Row

Food from all over the world and diversity in everything is such a huge part of London. That’s why I am presenting to you the third food market, but with a twist. A former shopping arcade now a big array of restaurants (in some of them you can bring your own bottle – BYOB) the majority located inside a beautiful arcade building. Feel free to try and book, but the majority operate on a first come first served basis. A very cool place, which you’ll love and which will make you very popular among the friends you recommend it to!

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