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How do I get around London as a student?

How do I get around London as a student? An overview

Getting around London can be time-consuming and expensive – Londoners know best! The good news is that as an international student in the UK you are eligible for 30% off the adult-rate. All you need to do is apply for the +18 Student Oyster photocard online which will be valid until the end of your studies. The next thing you will need to consider is whether you will actually be travelling every day or not – in this case you may not need to buy a monthly Travelcard. Instead, you can simply use the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) option on your Oyster Card/ contactless bank card.

This brings me to the world-famous London underground better known as the Tube. While it is the easiest and fastest way to travel to and from the city, it is also the most expensive option. Visit Transport for London for routes and fares.

The most popular alternative to the Tube is London’s iconic double-checker red bus which runs 24/7, as opposed to the Tube, which only runs until mid-night on weekdays. The Bus is also a lot cheaper compared to travelling by Tube, and at the same time you can enjoy some of London’s landmarks. Visit Transport for London for routes and fares.

If you are looking for something more convenient and safe – the world-famous black cabs are also available for you around the clock. While this option is one of the most expensive one, it is easily accessible via mini-cab operators and can be useful to keep in mind especially after a night out in London. You can pay the driver in cash or by credit card.

And of course…CYCLING – my favourite way of getting around London! By riding a bike you will not only stay healthy & fit but you will also escape one of the world’s most expensive public transportation systems and not to mention the traffic at peak times! You can easily hire and pay, using the app or your credit card, for a Santander Cycle 24/7 with over 750 docking stations available around the city.

And finally, London’s joyous streets are always inviting you to explore on foot! If you live in Zone 1 (London is divided into Zone 1-6) there is a good chance that you can completely avoid public transportation and instead walk stress-free to most famous sites and your place of study!

Take Away

The cheapest option is not always the fastest and the fastest is not always the most expensive so maybe explore until you find the option that suits your lifestyle and budget the best!

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