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Ready for shopping spree?

Ready for shopping spree? Three main streets that you definitely would not want to miss out.

The capital and the heart of England, London. An international metropolis and has the classic urban scenery. Coloured with its history and culture, as well as the shopping paradise for fashionist. Range of different styles and classes from all over the world gathered here. From famous high-end stores to street brands, you can always find the things that meet your needs. Want to know where to shop? Let’s check out these three streets for your non-stop shopping!

  1. Oxford Street

Oxford Street in London, Fifth Avenue in New York, and Champs Elysees in Paris are known for the “three most charming streets in the world”. Since ancient times, the attraction of British Oxford Street for foreign tourists never has faded. The crowds are surging throughout the year, hence making it the busiest street in London.

Oxford Street is also the most popular shopping area with a wide range of goods. Any known clothing brands could be found here. The famous flagship stores of Nike Town, Topshop, etc., are all located here. Besides clothing brands, Water Stone, a British bookstore chain where Clinton used to sign and sell books, is located in Oxford Street too.

  1. Regent Street

Regent Street is the second-known London’s commercial street after Oxford Street. It is known for its high-quality clothing stores. It is also the symbol of London’s urban culture for more than 100 years. It is located in the heart of London, which has been one of the London most typical fashion landmarks for more than 100 years. The tall buildings filled with royal style, the famous black taxi(s) passing by, and the bustling hustle and bustle on the street will make you indulge yourself into the classic British style.

Both Oxford Street and Regent Street are London’s premium shopping streets. Every year before Christmas, the lighting ceremony will be held here. When the nights fall, the dreamy Christmas lights along the street and the gorgeous decorations in the fashion stores make the streetscape to be mistaken as wonderland.

  1. Bond Street

Bond Street is one of the places with the most concentrated top designers’ shops in the world. It is a must-visit place for fashion lovers. It is located in an area called Mayfair, known as the most stylish place in London.

Compared to the lively and modern Oxford Street and Regent Street, Bond Street is comparatively quiet and quaint. There are many famous brands’ shops on both sides of the street, all decorated with antiques. They may not have changed their names or moved places since a century or two. It retains its most classical style but perfectly fitted with the modern facilities, thus creating its own distinct character. Bond Street used to be a gathering place for art and antique dealers. From the well-known fashion brands Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Bulgari, Armani to the famous jewellery maker Boucheron, Chaumet and Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, almost all the top luxury brands are gathered here, which is the essential leisure for shopping in UK. Even the world-famous Sotheby’s auction house is located on this street

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