Terms & Conditions




1.0 GoBritanya Education Travel Leisure Ltd. (shall be hereinafter referred to as GoBritanya) having it registered office in 31 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HJ and ………………………………………. (shall be hereinafter referred to as Tenant’s Agent) located at……………………………………………… agree on the following terms.



2.0 In consideration of GoBritanya providing certain accommodation premises and transfer services to the Tenant and of their respective rights and obligations contained herein, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:


Booking, Cancellation and Changes

3.0 A refundable deposit of 200GBP will apply for all accommodation and transfer reservations.

3.1 GoBritanya booking form must be emailed to info@gobritanya.com. Upon receipt of booking form, an online invoice for the reservation will be sent to the tenant to be paid upon receipt.

3.2 Accommodation booking will be confirmed only upon receipt of full amount due. GoBritanya reserves the right to cancel the booking if payment is not reached by the invoice due date, before arrival to the United Kingdom.

3.3 Minimum stay is 2 weeks but can also depend on residences and terms.

3.4 Minimum age for residences, apartments and house shares is 18 years.

3.5 Default check-in time is 3:00pm and Check-out is 10:00am Saturday and Sunday only (London Time).

3.6 Pets and smoking are not allowed in the residence premises. This contract and any dispute or claim arising out shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

3.7 At the end of the tenancy, an inventory check will be conducted. The premises must be left same as the condition upon check-in. The condition of the premises must be preserved. If considered as messy or abnormally soiled upon inspections, GoBritanya may deduct cost from security deposit amount.

3.8 The tenant must pay the rent into the bank account stated on invoice within 48 hours of invoice date. If not, GoBritanya retains all rights about continuity of booking.

3.9 Deposit is received from the tenant via bank transfer and then will be returned at the end of the tenancy within 14 working days if both parties agree to the condition of the premises as per inventory.

3.10 Tenant is responsible for the bank transfer charges in refunds.

3.11  Visa Refusal: If less than 2-weeks’ notice given to us there will be a 2-weeks accommodation charge plus registration fee. More than 2-weeks of notice before the arrival there won’t be any cancellation fee charged. Additional to this you have to provide us Visa refusal Letter from British Embassy within day of the refusal.

Non Visa Refusal:  We require 4 weeks’ notice and 10% of the total invoice amount will be deducted.

Exchange the residence:  Accommodation exchange services is available among our residence depends on the availability and we charge 1 week rent for the exchange.

3.12 Registration fee is non-refundable. All accommodations are self-catering and all-inclusive of fuel, water, internet and 24-hour security. Kitchen and bed set are not included in the prices.

3.13 Tenants have access to shared launderette, kitchen and common hall facilities. Laundry facility fees vary for each residence. If the tenant leaves the kitchen messy and dirty, 30GBP will be taken from the tenant.

3.14 During the term of the accommodation, should the tenant wish to change check-in/check-out date and/or accommodation type for actual rental agreement, an extra cost and additional terms will apply upon accommodation availability.

3.15 During the term of the accommodation, in any circumstances, the tenant shall not get anybody involved in a/o transfer the occupancy of the room to anybody.

3.16 Should the client wish to leave the accommodation earlier than check out date, tenant should give notice of cancellation 4 weeks before the new check out date. There will be 2 weeks cancellation fee.

3.17 During the accommodation term, due to any unforeseen circumstances, GoBritanya reserves the right to replace the tenant’s current accommodation. Similar accommodation options will be given at the same price and based on availability within 5 working days. If not available, upgrade accommodation with additional cost may be proposed and agreed.

3.21 This agreement remains its validity in case of accommodation extensions.

3.18 During check-in, the document to be signed by the tenant shall cover the commitment of the tenant against the building management and GoBritanya. If the tenant does not obey the living rules of the building, the building management shall be entitled to take all actions.

3.19 In consideration of GoBritanya and the accommodation management providing certain accommodation premises to the Tenant and of their respective rights and obligations contained herein building management retain the right to take actions and GoBritanya to break the contract or change accommodation without reimbursing or compensating the tenant if the tenant do not respect the accommodation management rules and policies, if the accommodation is occupied by persons other than those indicated on the rental agreement, as well as if tenant do not respect their neighbors’ comfort, making noise, causing damages to the apartment or common areas and any other actions against the management rules.

3.20 If the accommodation keys and main entrance badge are lost, tenant is responsible for the cost of the new key/badge.

3.21 GoBritanya provides tenant with transfer and accommodation services based on the requests.  Tenant’s Education Agent will be responsible with the planning of education center where the tenant will study. GoBritanya will not be responsible for the education fees and correspondence of the tenant with the relevant education centre.

3.22 For Private home accommodation, if tenant do not respect their neighbors’ comfort, making noise, causing damages to the home and any other actions against the management rules, GoBritanya retain rights to cancel or change the accommodation.

3.23 Tenant’s Agent will be informed in case tenant requests an extension or other services from GoBritanya.

3.24 Tenant’s Agent cannot, under their own name, make any use and promote any rooms and accommodation services provided by GoBritanya.

3.25 If the student is considered liable in terms of council tax, he/she has to pay the charged amount of money to the council.


Individual and group transfers

4.0 Arrival information of the student shall be notified to GoBritanya minimum two business days prior to leaving Home country. Otherwise, an officer shall not be ready at the airport and at accommodation address. Additional costs and terms may apply for rush bookings.

4.1 GoBritanya transfer team will arrange the student’s transfer from pick up point to the main destination only. Check-in / Check-out will not be assisted by GoBritanya’s transfer Team. The student should check with the building management upon arrival/departure.

4.2 Similar transfer booking made to a second passenger will be 50% discounted (Terms apply).

4.3 Passengers identification and/or Tenant’s Agent’s details should be provided to ensure safe airport pick-up.

4.4 GoBritanya transfer Tenant’s Agent will arrange the student’s transfer at the time and date stated on booking confirmation.

4.5 The full transfer booking fee should be made within 48 hours of invoice date into the bank details stated on booking invoice.

4.6 Cancelled airport transfer booking will not be refunded. The passenger shall pay the transfer fee.

4.7 Should the passenger wish to change transfer’s booking date and/or time, an extra 25% of full booking fee will be charged and new T&C will apply upon availability of transfer services.

4.8 For group bookings cancelled up until 14 days prior to transfer date, 25% of transfer fee shall be paid to GoBritanya within 48 hours. For group bookings cancelled the last 14 days prior to transfer date full transfer invoice fee shall be paid within 48 hours.

4.9 Group transfer payment must be arranged within 48 hours of invoice date.

4.10 Causing damage to the transfer vehicles will be surcharged.


Payments and bank expenses

5.0 Invoices are issued in Pound Sterling and all payments should be made in GBP to the bank details indicated within the invoice.


Applicable law

This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.