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THE GoBritanya DiffErEncE

Although the world is going through an international crisis at the moment, we must all remember things will not always be this way. Normality will eventually return and with our lessons learnt we will go on about our lives. Meanwhile, we at GoBritanya are committed to accompany our students throughout this journey in times of uncertainty. We have taken several steps, see below, as part of our peace of mind promise to make your life easier and help you make the right decision when choosing your new home for the upcoming academic year!

  1. We have updated our cancellation policy to give you that peace of mind. Please visit our webpage for Covid-19 terms and conditions!

  2. We are now also offering private insurance which covers medical services, baggage, personal money, missed departure, course fees etc. Please visit our webpage for ‘additional services’!

  3. You will arrive home safe & sound with GoBritanya. Please visit our webpage for ‘additional services’ to book your exclusive Airport transfer!

  4. We will be waiting for you at your arrival!

  5. Self-Quarantine for international residents is observed according to UK government regulations. Our team on-site will provide you maximum assistance with deliveries, waste removal and mental health support!

  6. All our buildings have 24/7 security on-site to make sure you are always looked after!

  7. All our properties are managed in line with UK government regulations to keep all residents and on-site staff safe!

  8. Social distancing rules are applied according to UK government regulations!

  9. Common areas are managed according to UK government regulations, frequently cleaned to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and only open for use when social distancing is possible and observed!

We can honestly say that fairness is at the core of our business and therefore we will continue to contribute to the well-being of our students and stand by our motto: Peace of mind. It starts here!

GoBritanya Team

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