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Student accommodation of your choice in London, Brighton & Dublin. Peace of mind. It starts here.

Aldgate Residence | LONDON

The residence is located in an area steeped in history, close to the Tower of London and the River Thames.

starting price: £389(PW)

Greenwich Residence | LONDON

Greenwich Residence is a modern student accommodation, located in a gorgeous area of London.

starting price: £295(PW)

Islington Residence | LONDON

Located next to  the world famous Arsenal Emirates Stadium and one stop away from King’s Cross.

starting price: £290(PW)

Kings Cross Residence | LONDON

Kings Cross is known as London’s most exciting neighbourhood. The University of London is on your Doorstep.

starting price: £395(PW)

Kirby Street Residence | LONDON

In the heart of London, the neighbourhood is a student hub with language schools and Universities on your Doorstep.

starting price: £420(PW)

Mile End Canalside | LONDON

The residence is located at one of London’s urban Canalsides, always fascinating landscape buzzing with students.

starting price: £295(PW)

Shoreditch Residence | LONDON

The residence is located in central London only a few minutes away from famous Shoreditch.

starting price: £355(PW)

Spitalfields Residence | LONDON

The modern residence is located in central London nearby famous Liverpool street.

starting price: £415(PW)

Wembley Residence | LONDON

The residence offers everything you need to feel safe and at home with Wembley Stadium nearby.

starting price: £269(PW)

White City Residence | LONDON

Ideally located on the main road with direct access to major transport links to City Centre. 

starting price: £279(PW)


bedding pack £65

Single Duvet | Pillow |

Duvet Cover | Bed Sheet | Pillow case | Towel Set

full kıtchen Pack £135

Sauce & Frying Pans | Baking Tray | Chopping Board | Chef’s & Utility Knifes | Solid Spoon | Ladle | Potato Masher | Slotted Spoon | Turner | Tin Opener | Corkscrew | Peeler | Kitchen Scissors | Wooden Solid Spoon | Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Mug | Tumbler Glass | Knife | Fork | Dessert Spoon | Teaspoon 

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