4 Best Part-time Student Jobs in London


4 Best Part-time Student Jobs in London


From high tuition fees to paying your monthly rent – you may ask yourself: What is left? There’s no denying the Capital is expensive, and you are right to want to add something extra to your monthly budget. Or you may simply consider getting a part-time job next to your studies to gain some work experience! In this article, we’ll tell you about the best 4 part-time jobs London has to offer!



Without doubts, one of the best-paid student part-time jobs is tutoring and, better yet, it offers you the flexibility you need as a university student. While you can earn up to 5 times more, compared to other student jobs, by sharing your expertise in your subject area you also boost your CV! See here


On-Campus jobs

If you are someone who enjoys campus life, then one of the best-case scenarios is working for your university. Roles can include anything from admin to bar work and hours are usually kept flexible, which allows you to always prioritise your studies! Keep an eye on your university’s notice board for roles available. If you study at the University of London vacancies are also published online, see here.


Live-out Nanny Jobs

Childcare is known to be expensive in the UK and families often have nannies to look after their children part-time/full-time. While this can be an easy way for you to get some cash at the end of the week, for this job, you will have to move out of your comfort zone. It can be a rewarding experience, you will get a taste of local family life and culture. You can find hundreds of nanny positions published online every day, websites such as Gumtree allow you to filter by your preferences such as hours, location and age of kids.



Hospitality jobs are perfect if you’re looking for freelance work and maximum flexibility. But don’t forget that it can be though work ranging from bar work to waitressing at events. Most importantly, you will have to demonstrate a positive attitude and customer service must be your thing. Good news is, if you think you are the perfect candidate, it shouldn’t be difficult to sign up, in the end there is always some event happening in the cultural capital of the world! Some useful webpages are &



No matter what motivates you to work part-time next to your studies, every experience, positive or negative, will add to your student budget and will give you a new perspective adding to your personal growth!


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