The ultimate guide to making the most of your stay in Brighton


The ultimate guide to making the most of your stay in Brighton


Located on the southern coast of England, Brighton is rightly nicknamed London-by-the-Sea for its pebble beaches and glaring familiarity to the capital city London. If you’re planning to pursue your higher studies in Brighton, you’re in for the time of your life. Apart from being a seaside resort great for a day-long trip if you’re studying in London, Brighton is also famous for being a brilliant destination for students on a budget.


Take a look at the list of places in Brighton, all of which you should add to your bucket list and absolutely have to cross off once you’re there.


  1. Komedia


A few minutes’ walk from Brighton Station, smack dab in the centre of the city is Komedia which is Brighton’s leading live entertainment venue. It hosts more than 500 performances, ranging from stand-up comedy to music shows, to regular club nights. What’s more, you can even grab a bite to eat while you’re there.


  1. Booth Museum of Natural History


For the history buffs out there, Brighton’s got something for you too. With fascinating displays consisting of birds, insects, dinosaurs and so on, the Booth Museum of Natural History was founded as a Victorian collector’s private museum.


  1. Brighton Palace Pier


During the weekends, spend some relaxing time with your friends at the Brighton Palace Pier. Visit the amusement arcades, with plenty of rides, games, food and shopping to keep you occupied. The pier was built in 1891 and stretches to around 1,700 feet from the shore.


  1. Brighton’s coffee shops


Although the British love their tea, the coffee scene in Brighton is second to none. Try out The Longhouse Café right opposite St Peters which is not just famous for their coffee but also their scrumptious cake selection. For brunch with your classmates, you must visit Café Rust and if you’re in the mood to reminisce about your childhood, Blend Coffee Co. is the perfect place.


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