Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Gobritanya?

GoBritanya is a reputable company with an experienced and dedicated team providing wide range of residences in the UK. We pride ourselves in being the leading student accommodation agency dealing with students’ requests promptly. Moreover, students can pop in our London office for a visit whenever they want. Offering students secure, comfortable, convenient and modern residences in the city centre makes GoBritanya the best in the accommodation sector.

How can I apply?

You will submit quick enquiry form on our website. GoBritanya will contact you to provide the best accommodation for you with wide range of residences. Then, you will fill the Accommodation Booking Form.

What is included in the rent?

Utilities, internet access and security are included in the rent.

How can I make payment?

You can make payment by bank transfer indicated within the invoice.

What do I need when I arrive?

You will need your confirmation given to you.

Can I extend my stay?

Yes, extension needs to be requested 2 weeks prior to the checkout date. Upon your extension request, GoBritanya sends an invoice. Once the payment is made, you will obtain the confirmation.

Do you have diverse types of rooms?

Yes, GoBritanya provides a variety of rooms including ensuites and studios in the city centres across the UK. Students can choose the best option for themselves.

What is the difference between ensuite and studio?

Both have private bathroom inside room. Ensuites share kitchen. Studios have private kitchen.

Is there security in the residences?

Residences have receptionists during the day and securities at night.

Is there a wired network connection?

High speed internet connection is available in all residences.

How can I use the laundry?

There is laundry room in each residence that you can wash and dry your clothes. You need to download the application and top up to use the machines 24/7.

What if I do not like my room?

New alternatives will be provided to you depending on the availability.

How long is minimum accommodation duration?

You can stay minimum 2 weeks up to all year.

Can I have guest to stay?

Yes, your guest can visit you for a short period.

Can I request housekeeping service?

You can book cleaning service. Please ask GoBritanya to get further information.

Do you provide Airport transfers?

Yes, you can submit Transfer Request Form with your flight information. Then you will receive transfer confirmation.

What do I need to do if any issue arise in my room?

You can contact with the building maintenance team or contact with GoBritanya team. The problem will be solved promptly.

Do you have Welcome Packs?

Yes, Students genereally prefer this pack because it already covers airport transfer fee and other special services.

* Welcome Pack Fee covers; Airport Transfer Meet & Greet Sim card (unlimited internet, call & text) Adaptor, Sandwich, Snacks & Drinks, Oyster transportation card guide, London City Map, Travel, Market & School guide on 1st day, Police & Post Office accompaniment.

Do you recommend Kitchen Pack?

You can request Kitchen Pack that will be ready in your room before you arrive

What if I lose room key?

New key will be provided and charged by GoBritanya.

How can I give feedback?

We would be very grateful if you share your accommodation experience with GoBritanya. You can send an email to

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

You can contact GoBritanya Team directly on 44 (0) 2035 851 486 or via email 24/7. Please follow us on Instagram @gobritanya , twitter @gobritanya and facebook @gobritanya

Who can I contact in emergency situation?

You can contact on +44 7377 38866.